søndag 16. november 2014

Freestyle Individual Final 16.11.14

Emmy Marie Simonsen and Littlethorn Feet of Flames - 21,70 points   Total: 45,12 points
Salla Haavisto and Loving You Lime - 22,10 points   Total: 45,92 points
Marianne Aas and Memory of Sara av Sea Perto - 23,27 points  Total: 48,70 points
Sandra Kagevik and Höstglädjens Golden Dream - 24,20 points   Total 49,90
Nadja Böckerman and Cabaroo Magma Flow - 26,10 points   Total: 52,17
Kerstin Eklund and Dewmist Side by Side - 25,73 points  Total: 52,28
Sanna Lipponen and Dragunovtiger - 25,67 points  Total: 52,22

Congratulation to Kerstin Eklund and Dewmist Side by Side with the Nordic Title!

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